Sermons: Rabbi Rachel Ackerman

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  • 5784 Rosh Hashanah Morning Sermon Climate Change: Text
  • 5783 Rosh Hashanah Morning Sermon Ayeka, Eicha, Hineini: Text
  • 5783 Kol Nidrei Sermon--A Comfy Place to Eat: Text
  • 5783 Yom Kippur The Non-Sermon: Text
  • 5782 Rosh Hashanah Morning Sermon Shmita-Sacred Release: Text
  • 5782, Kol Nidrei, 9/11 20 Years Later: Text
  • 5782 Yom Kippur Morning Sermon Reform Choice and Reproductive Justice: Text
  • 5781 Yom Kippur Morning: Video Text
  • 5781 Yom Yippur Afternoon: Video
  • 5780 Rosh Hashanah Morning: Lo Yitpached Klal: Video  Text
  • 5780 Kol Nidrei : Anti-Semitism: Video  Text
  • 5780 Yom Kippur Morning: Moon Disaster: Video  Text
  • 5779 Erev Rosh Hashanah: Finding Sanctuary in a Sanctuary Congregation: Video   Text
  • 5779 Rosh Hashanah Morning: Learn, Listen, and THEN Speak: Video   Text
  • 5779 Kol Nidrei: Putting All Our Jewish Eggs into More than the High Holy Days Basket: Video   Text
  • 5779 Yom Kippur Morning: This is Sexual Harassment and We Don’t Have to Take It: Harassment, Assault, and #Me Too in the Jewish Community: Video   Text
    CORRECTION NOTE: This sermon includes a mistake. In it Shifra Bronznick is named as the conference leader whose intimate life details were voted on. She was not the conference leader. Bronznick spoke out against the philanthropist for what was done to the conference leader.
  • 5779 Rosh Hashanah Family Service Story: Video
  • 5779 Yom Kippur Family Service Story: Video


Rabbi Rachel Ackerman

Rabbi Rachel Ackerman

Senior Rabbi

Rabbi Ackerman (she/her) has been Temple Shalom’s Senior Rabbi since July 2018 after serving as our Rabbi Educator/Associate Rabbi/Assistant Rabbi for seven years.  She is originally from Westfield, NJ and attended Brandeis University as an undergraduate, with majors in psychology and sociology, minors in Hebrew and Judaic Studies, and a certification as a pre-school educator. She continued her studies ... Read full biography

Rabbi Ackerman's Sermons

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