Gift of Membership

Temple Shalom wants to make joining a synagogue easy by removing the major financial hurdle from coming in and trying us out for a year.   

The Gift of Membership Program offers:

  • Free first year membership to Temple Shalom (from July of the prior year through the following June) with all accompanying member privileges.
  • Tickets to High Holy Day services.
  • Ability to enroll children in Religious and Hebrew School
  • Member-only discount for the Temple Shalom Early Learning Center.
  • Member-only discounts for various programs and classes, such as Kids’ Time, Adult Hebrew, and more.  
  • The opportunity to take time and get to know Temple Shalom.

Complete our membership application form here:

First Year: Get to Know Us

Come spend some time with us. Get to know us. Feel the difference it makes to belong to the Temple Shalom family. Get to know the people and ruach (spirit). Experience the services and learning opportunities.

We know it can take time to get to know a new community. That’s why we want you to participate fully in all temple programs for the first year without having to pay membership dues.

Following the first year, finances are never allowed to be a barrier to continuing your membership for years and decades to come. 

Following your gift of membership year, which ends in June, we hope you will continue your Temple Shalom membership.


Please call the Temple Office at (301) 587-2273 or email ten.molahselpmet@pihsrebmem with any questions, to arrange a time to visit, or to let us know you will be stopping by a service, dinner, or other gathering.

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