Statement on Inclusion: Celebrate Our Diversity of Jewish Journeys


Temple Shalom's Statement on Inclusion

Adopted by Board of Trustees Sept. 24, 2019

We include and celebrate all: Jews by Choice and by Birth, all LGBTQIA+ Jews, Jews of Color, interfaith families, interracial Jews, adoptive Jewish families, Sephardic, Mizrachi, Ethiopian, Ashkenazi Jews and Jews of all other ethnic backgrounds, Jews from a Reform background or coming to Reform Judaism from another Jewish movement or tradition, Jews of all races, ethnicities, and ages, Jews across the political spectrum, single Jews, Deaf Jewish families, Jews with disabilities, special needs, learning differences and differing physical abilities, and every other person seeking a community to support their Judaism.

We celebrate our community, who identifies across the beautiful gender spectrum and whose love is confirmed in multiple orientations.

We cherish the full individuality of those who enter through our doors so that we can all grow together.

Our Jewish community is not whole until Jews from all backgrounds and orientations see their identities reflected within it.

And our Jewish community and families cannot be complete unless all of our beloved non-Jewish spouses, partners, and family members, with their broadly diverse backgrounds, also feel that they are supported and celebrated on their journeys.

We can always do better and are continually working to have these words reflected in our actions to break down barriers, wherever they occur, to ensure a meaningful, enriching, accessible Jewish experience.

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