Inclement Weather Information


Religious School cancellations follow those of Montgomery County Public Schools. When MCPS are closed, closing early or have cancelled programming due to poor weather conditions, all religious school classes and youth programs during that time frame are cancelled. On Sunday mornings, we will determine whether to be open or closed based on general conditions. As Temple Shalom members live in several different areas, please understand the conditions in your area may not match other areas. Our primary concern is safe travel.

Should adult education programs or religious services be cancelled due to weather, Temple members will receive this information in the same way that students and school parents will: via Temple-wide email, a voice mail message for incoming calls at our main number, a notice on our main webpage, and via WTOP News.

Temple Shalom’s Early Learning Center will notify parents directly through its usual communications means of any weather or other related closures.

Main Temple Number: 301-587-2273


WTOP News: 103.5 FM

You can also access Temple school or activity cancellation notices on the WTOP webpage at The website is more complete than the radio announcements


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