Increasing Inclusivity at Temple Shalom

Increasing Inclusivity at Temple Shalom

Dear Temple Shalom Family,

This is a note about inclusion, belonging, and bathrooms.  Over the past few years, we have become increasingly aware of the ways in which our building is not as inclusive as we would like, and the ways in which we label our facilities can be exclusionary.  We have been struggling with how to make our building, with its current shortcomings, as accessible as we can to all members of our congregational family, and ensure that our language and labels are equally inclusive – including for our bathrooms.

Our goal is to label and configure our existing bathrooms in an inclusive manner that allows everyone to find a restroom that best fits their needs.  You will notice the following changes when you enter the building for the High Holy Days:

  • The upstairs sanctuary lobby and the downstairs administrative lobby restrooms will have signs with pictures and labels that indicate what equipment is included in that restroom, such as  baby changing tables, urinals, accessible stalls, and toilets.
  • Both upstairs restrooms now have toilet stalls with new privacy partitions. The upstairs urinals have a partition but no privacy stalls.
  • The restrooms in the administrative lobby near the chapel lack privacy partitions.  
  • The restrooms at the bottom of the stairs to the Sanctuary lobby are labeled with gender-specific signage (Men and Women) and there is a single stall all-gender restroom in the Moadon. 

We will continue to update the signage as we find the most appropriate configuration for our congregational needs.  We invite congregants to use the restroom that best meets their needs. `

We look forward to a time when our building reflects our values and our physical surroundings are representative of who we are as a congregation.  This High Holy Day season, we can work collectively towards creating a space where all members of our congregation can feel more at home in our building.  We welcome your ideas and feedback as we work towards a more inclusive community. 

We hope the High Holiday season is filled with joy and reflection for you and your family.

L’Shalom (In Peace),

Peter Howard, President
Karen Miller, EVP
Rabbi Rachel Ackerman, Sr. Rabbi
Andrew Maayan, Executive Director

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