Call to the Torah

Celebration and Affirmation of the Cycles of our Lives

Anniversaries and special occasions, birthdays and milestones, even – in the greater Washington D.C. area – the appointment to a Presidential commission, all these are moments of celebration, private benchmarks which our tradition encourages us to share with others on the public “platform” of our communal worship. “Mishebeirach Avotainu v’Imoteinu, May the One who blessed our ancestors… be with us as well… at all these special moments of our lives.” Aliyot (being called up to the Torah and reciting the blessings over the reading of the scroll) and blessings from the bimah (the raised platform from which the scroll is read and the service is “led”), participation in the service or recognition from within the congregation are part of our congregation’s life, and an important aspect of our connection with one another.