Fair Share System

Fairness is an important issue in deciding how any congregation raises money to sustain its operations. Some choose a fixed dues system, where everyone pays the same amount. At Temple Shalom, we ask each member to make an annual Fair Share Dues Pledge based on what each family has the ability to contribute.

Affordable and Open to All
A Fair Share dues system is flexible, allowing members to pay according to their ability. Our policy ensures that membership is affordable to all who wish to be members. It is the essence of our tradition of tzedakah, justice and righteousness. No one is denied membership at Temple Shalom for financial reasons. All Temple dues information is held in the strictest confidence.

You decide
Our Fair Share dues plan is based on self-assessment. We understand that every member has a different capacity to give. As a guideline, we suggest that Congregants consider giving a percentage of their annual household income as yearly Fair Share Dues. Identifying the amount of your annual pledge to Temple Shalom is a personal decision, and should be considered carefully. While no one likes to talk about family income, it does provide an objective starting point. You can be assured that you will never be asked to reveal your income. But we do hope you will consider your resources when you determine the amount of your commitment.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Financial Secretary at financialsec@templeshalom.net.

Membership Application Form

If you want to stop by the synagogue to take a look around, the Temple Office will be happy to arrange a time (301-587-2273).