Special Needs and Accommodations

Temple Shalom wants to make sure your child gets the most out of their experience in religious school, therefore we work with parents to put in place accommodations your child may require. We encourage meetings with all parents who have children with special needs and/or who have IEPs or other learning plans.  The Director of Education and teachers want to understand the needs of the children in our classrooms.

Many teachers in the religious school are teachers in their day jobs. A number of them work specifically with students who have special needs and our teachers have some training on meeting the needs of students with special needs. When possible, extra helpers can be in the classrooms to support teachers with larger classes, however at this time we are unable to provide specific shadows for those children who may require them.

We offer two different types of Hebrew learning opportunities for 4th-7th graders, one for students who are self-motivated and can work well independently with a teacher facilitating learning (Mitkadem) and one geared toward students who learn better in a teacher directed environment with learning centers and more direct instruction (Ivrit BYachad). We encourage parents to discuss which of these environments will better suit your child’s needs.

Our lessons are structured to meet the needs of different types of learners (kinesthetic, oral, etc.) and we provide ample opportunities to learn about Judaism through immersive experiences (including our chugim, Israeli Dance, music, etc.)

Our classrooms are equipped with fidget toys and noise-canceling headphones and are available for your child at their request.

ASL interpreters available upon request as needed; notice for this service is required.

If you have a child who may require special accommodations at religious school, please contact the Director of Education.