Chugim (Electives)

This page describes our Religious School programs when there is not a pandemic and to which we hope to return in Fall 2021.

We offer a variety of Chugim (electives) throughout the school year during our Sunday morning program for all 3rd-5th grade students and on Sunday evenings for 6th-9th grade students. Some of the offerings they can choose from are:

Book Club

Are you happiest when you're reading a captivating book? This is the space to dive into characters and plots and talk with friends.


So many holidays has Jewish foods associated with it. Purim has hamentaschen, Chanukah has latkes and sufganiyot, Rosh HaShanah has apples and honey. Don’t forget about gefilte fish and challah and Israeli dishes like shakshuka. Learn how to become a Jewish cook!


Judaism tells us we need to care for the environment. There are many ways to do that and we are going to learn how to garden, about plants that grow in Israel, we are going start growing some winter veggies!

Israeli Dance

Israeli folk dancing is a fun way to get moving while being immersed in Israeli culture. We will learn special dances, make up our own dances and perform for our friends.

Junior Ozrim

Do you love to hang out with really little kids reading books, doing crafts, having snacks, and teaching them? If so, you might want to come hang out in a Kindergarten, Pre-k, or 1st Grade Classroom as a Junior Ozer or Ozeret (helper). You will get to work closely with the teacher, and most importantly, the students! (5th Grade Only)

Running Club

Have you ever wanted to learn the Jewish perspective on why we want to keep our bodies healthy? Have you ever wanted to be able to run longer distance, even get up to running a 5k? That’s what we are working toward in Running Chug.


Learn about Jewish symbolism and incorporate it into your own Jewish weaving projects