Temple Shalom Covid-19 Health and Safety Policies Updated March 3, 2022

Temple Shalom Covid-19 Health and Safety Policies Updated March 3, 2022

Note:  See Early Learning Center for ELC-specific policies.

Close Contacts, Exposures, and Testing Positive for Covid-19

When may I return to the Temple if I tested positive for Covid-19?

  • Follow the Montgomery County Guidelines:
  • If, following the Montgomery County guidelines, you return prior to the 10 day period, you are required to confirm by Covid-19 antigen testing that you are no longer contagious with Covid-19.

What is exposure to Covid-19 and when can I return to Temple following an exposure?

  • Exposure is defined by the CDC as: Those who have been a close contact of someone who tested positive for Covid-19 (within 6 feet of someone who tested positive for Covid-19, indoors or outdoors, for a cumulative 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period, regardless of mask-wearing).
  • If you have been exposed, follow the Montgomery County Guidelines:

I am not feeling great – it is probably just a cold.  Can I come to the Temple?

  • Stay home from the Temple if you experience Covid-19 symptoms within 24 hours prior to a program unless you have a negative PCR or rapid antigen test taken while symptomatic.  Do not come to Temple events if you have been instructed by a doctor to stay home because of contagion and do not return to the Temple until you have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.

Vaccination Requirements

Is vaccination required to attend events at Temple?

  • Yes.  Covid-19 vaccines and boosters are required for participation at events and programs at Temple for anyone who is eligible for such shots.

What if I cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons?

  • If you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, you must contact Susan Zemsky (ten.molahselpmet@ykemezs) and you must be able to provide a medical exemption note from a recognized doctor.

Is proof of vaccination required at Temple?

  • At this time we do not require proof of vaccination for synagogue programs with exception to non-members attending b’not/b’nai/simchat mitzvah services. We trust that in filling out our registration forms individuals are truthfully acknowledging their vaccination status.  Non-members attending b’not/b’nai/simchat mitzvah services need to provide proof of vaccine and booster by sending a picture of their vaccine card to ten.molahselpmeT@yssiM.

 Indoor and Outdoor Programs

Can meetings and programs be held indoors at Temple?

  • Yes, meetings and programs can be held indoors.  Please check with those attending your meeting to make sure that you can accommodate the needs of most of those you are meeting with. This may mean having hybrid/multi-access opportunities with both in-person and Zoom options. To schedule a program indoors, please contact Susan Zemsky (ten.molahselpmet@yksmezs).

What about Shabbat Morning Worship and Torah Study?

  • Shabbat Morning Worship and Torah Study may take place indoors with a Zoom option, outdoors with a Zoom option, or over Zoom entirely, as determined by each individual leader for that service.  It will be noted in the weekly email.

Masking Protocols

Is masking required at Temple events indoors?

  • Masking continues to be required while in the building.  However, individuals can choose any well-fitted mask to wear.

Do I need to wear a mask if I am a service leader, including b’not/b’nai/simchat mitzvah?

  • Service leaders may remove their masks when actively leading services.

Is masking required at Temple events that are outdoors?

  • Masking outdoors is optional, with the exception of those who need to mask for 10 days via CDC and Montgomery County guidelines following an exposure or isolation period.

 Food and Drink

Are food and drink permitted at Temple events that are outdoors?

  • Yes.

Are food and drink permitted at Temple events that are indoors?

  • Food and drink can be eaten indoors when in small group activities if all attendees are comfortable.  Meals or refreshments for congregational-wide events (such as onegs or First Friday dinners will occur outdoors in the tent). Snack and pizza for Religious School will continue to occur outdoors.
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