TaSTY Jr. & Sr. Youth Groups

To be a member of TaSTY Senior or Junior, your TaSTY dues must be paid yearly.

Each Temple in our region has their own, and they all go by acronyms, or shortened ver-sions of their titles made out of the first letter of each word. Ours is TaSTY, which stands for Temple Shalom Temple Youth. (it’s an imaginary “a”) In our youth group you will find a warm and welcoming group of Jewish youth who are looking to meet new friends, try new things, and have all kinds of Jewish experiences. Whether you like Pokemon or painting or swimming in a pool, you will meet someone you have something in common with. This year, all kids registered in Temple Shalom’s Religious School are billed members of the group. This means you get cheaper activity fees!

We are also affiliated with NFTY, or the North American Federation of Temple Youth in the Mid-Atlantic Region, also called NFTY-MAR. There are several overnight conferences we attend as a group in the area and it's a fantastic way to stay connected with friends from camp, or to make new ones.

How do I sign up for a NFTY-MAR program?
Registration for all NFTY-MAR events is online. Click on NFTY-MAR. The username and password are available by emailing youth@templeshalom.net or by calling 301-587-2273.

TaSTY Board Members
We have a Senior Board that designs educational, social, and tikkun olam (social action) programming for the entire school year. Please keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming events in the school announcement emails and the calendar.

Catherine Horowitz

The Youth Lounge–Room 5
The Youth Lounge will typically be open before Sunday evening classes as well as during break. No one is allowed to be in the youth lounge without adult supervision.