Temple Shalom Operating Status Update March 3, 2022

Dear Temple Shalom Family,

How good it is to be TOGETHER! We were so happy to resume in person, indoor programming, worship, and religious school during February. As Covid-19 cases have continued to decrease in our region, and Montgomery County guidelines and CDC guidance continue to change, Temple Shalom is updating some of our operating guidelines:

  • Masking continues to be required while in the building, however, individuals can choose any well fitted mask to wear. Masks are not required outdoors.
  • Service leaders may remove their masks when actively leading services.
  • Food and drink can be eaten indoors when in small group activities (such as committee meetings or Wednesday morning minyan) if all attendees are comfortable. Meals or refreshments for congregational-wide events (such as onegs or First Friday dinners will occur outdoors in the tent). Snacks and pizza for Religious School will continue to occur outdoors.

To view a complete list of the Temple’s updated Covid-19 policies, click HERE.

We are hopeful that conditions will continue to improve. Our Advisory Task Force on Continuing Operations will continue to assess the comfort levels of our synagogue community and monitor CDC guidelines as well as what is happening in Montgomery County, and will continue to make recommendations for updates to our operations. We extend a thank you to this dedicated group of congregants for their continued hard work, wisdom, and commitment to keeping our community safe. We are looking forward to a vibrant spring including the return of a fabulous in-person Purim celebration, complete with Purim services on Wednesday, March 16, a fun community wide Purim Carnival that will take place both indoors and outside under our tent on Sunday, March 20, and numerous other events in the coming months!

L’Shalom (In Peace),

Jeff Steger, President

Rabbi Rachel Ackerman, Senior Rabbi

Susan Goutos Zemsky, Executive Director

Peter Howard, Executive Vice President

Karen Miller, Vice President & Chair, Advisory Committee on Continuing Operations

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