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Generation to Generation Circle

“I did not find the world desolate when I entered it, and as my ancestors planted for me, so I plant for my children.” -Talmud Ta’anit 23a-

Supporting Temple Shalom’s Endowment

Pearl and I began including a contribution to Temple Shalom in our wills several decades ago before there was a Legacy group. We did that because Temple Shalom has been such an important part of our lives.

When we moved from New York to Maryland in 1973 we had only a couple of friends here. That changed rapidly when we joined Temple Shalom that same year. Since I was very busy with my newly-formed law firm and frequently out of town I had no opportunity to make new friends. But Pearl became very engaged in Sisterhood, which then had a number of programs requiring active volunteers. For example, Sisterhood then catered celebratory events, such as bnai mitzvahs in the Social Hall, and needed cooks and servers. And Pearl and Ellie Shyman published the Temple’s annual directory of members, which involved soliciting donations from local businesses in the form of ads and, in pre-computer times, actually preparing and pasting together pages containing both ads and names. As a result Pearl made numerous Sisterhood friends, many of whom remain our good friends to this day. Members invited us to a dine-around group of couples and then to Winetasters, which still persists. And we were among the founders of Renaissance which is a constant source of pleasant events.

I did not become active at Temple Shalom until I retired in 1996. But I then served on the Board for 8 years, first as Financial Secretary, then as Vice-President. I became active in Brotherhood and served as President for 4 years. I am now finishing another term on the Board and am pleased to have initiated a very vibrant weekly public events discussion group, News & Views. These various activities provided me with many new friends.

When we moved here our 2 daughters, Caryn and Nina, had already held their bat mitzvahs, but they continued their religious education at Temple Shalom through confirmation and post-confirmation and made many friends. After college graduation Nina served in the Peace Corps in the Central African Republic, then taught disabled children in local public schools. When, unfortunately, she passed away prematurely, Rabbi Bruce Kahn delivered a eulogy in the packed sanctuary that we will always remember. In view of Nina’s love of children when the sanctuary was renovated we contributed to the addition of the “quiet room” which is named in her memory.

Thus our lives would have been very different if we had not joined a temple with such a friendly and active membership. We are hopeful that our contributions will enable Temple Shalom to continue to provide a warm and friendly environment for future members.

Maurice and Pearl Axelrad

Your gift will:

  • Continue your support of Temple Shalom’s values and causes.
  • Leave the world a better place and make a difference: tikkun olam.
  • Ensure future generations can experience our wonderful religious community.

How to Give

  • Name Temple Shalom as a beneficiary in your IRA or life insurance policy. (Most convenient.)
  • Add a bequest in your will or living trust when you create or update your will.

Determining the Amount of your Gift?

It is our hope that all our members be part of the Generation to Generation Circle, no matter the size of the gift.

If you have an exact amount in mind simply specify it.

If you don’t know what you can afford because it is off in the future, pick a percentage you think would work for you. To limit the amount simply set a top dollar amount. (For example, you chose to leave1% of your estate but no more than $10,000.)

Make Temple Shalom part of your legacy. Let us answer your questions.

Contact ten.molahselpmet@noitareneGotnoitareneG or contact Rachel Miller in full confidence at 516-754-7439.

Generation to Generation Committee Members

Harvey Berger, Mica Bevington, Marc Feinberg, Linda Gurevich, Rabbi Emeritus Bruce Kahn, Rita Klein, Judith Lewis, Karen Lowe, Rachel Miller

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