Introduction – Hillel Schwartz, Youth Group Coordinator

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to apologize-it was pointed out to me after I sent my initial email a couple days ago that I never gave context and formally introduced myself.

My name is Hillel Schwartz and I am the Youth Group coordinator this year at Temple Shalom and will be running the TaSTY programming. I am thrilled to be in this position and am excited about all the possibilities. I am currently a senior at American University studying Business Administration with a dual concentration in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I have been teaching in the Hebrew School at Temple Shalom since my freshman year of college but this is my first year working with the youth groups.

Within my last email when I referred to "we" at any point I was referring to TaSTY/the Temple at large.

I hope this helps-that being said if anyone has any questions or is confused about anything please do not hesitate to reach out.


Hillel Schwartz

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