Hello everyone,

I'm following up on the email I sent late last week about TaSTY's upcoming event-Havdallaween. It will be October 28th at the Temple in the Youth Lounge and there will be both an event for TaSTY Jr. (6th to 8th grade) and TaSTY Sr. (8th to 12th grade). 8th graders are welcome to come to both parts of the event. For the TaSTY Jr. part of the event we will have snacks, lots of games and a costume contest. For the TaSTY Sr. part of the event we will also have snacks, some games (including the costume contest) and we will also be showing a movie.

The flyer is attached to this email for the event. Please RSVP by Monday October 23rd to ensure that we can make sure to get enough snacks and supplies for everyone attending.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out.


Hillel Schwartz

TaSTY Youth Director

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