Ritual Attire

The Kippah and Tallit
Customary Jewish ritual garb is available for those who enter our Sanctuary. Traditionally, the head is covered as a sign of respect, and awareness that God is always above us. The head covering is called a kippah in Hebrew, or a yarmulke in Yiddish. A kippah may be worn by anyone, and at any service.

There are also prayer shawls available. This garment is called a tallit (sometimes also pronounced as tallis. The plural is tallitot ortalleisim.) The tallit goes back to a Biblical mandate and is meant as a symbolic reminder of one’s commitment to the commandments of Jewish life. Tallitot are worn by Jewish worshippers during morning services.

Once reserved only for men, the kippah and tallit are today available to men and women equally. As a Reform synagogue, Temple Shalom views the wearing of these traditional ritual items as optional.