Refugee Direct Assistance Committee is collecting gift and SmarTrip cards

The Refugee Direct Assistance Committee, a subcommittee of the Temple Shalom Tikkun Olam group, is collecting gift and SmarTrip cards.
IRC needs gift cards from Target or CVS to purchase items for their refugee families.
No gift card is too small or too large.

IRC also needs SmarTrip cards in the amount of $25-$30/card to provide transport to doctor appointments, job interviews, English classes, etc.

Gift cards may be mailed to Temple Shalom Attention: Refugee Direct Assistance Committee.  You may also place your cards in the locked box in the Temple office. Please note on the envelope “Refugee Direct Assistance Committee.”

IRC is the largest resettlement agency in Maryland, resettling around 1,200 in Baltimore and 800 in Prince Georges counties, representing 12 different nationalities (most from Syria, Afghanistan, and Congo). IRC website

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sherry Doggett at 859-630-6863 or

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