Help St. Thomas

It has been two months since Hurricane Irma made landfall and caused a great deal of destruction to the US Virgin Islands. Their needs are still great. As most of you know, St. Thomas, where Rabbi Michael Feshbach is serving, was hit hard by the storm. After speaking extensively with Julie Novick (Rabbi Feshbach's wife), it is clear that the current needs of the community are generators as well as cash to make purchases on the island for emerging needs.

The generator that we have been informed is the most needed is this model.

So that Temple Shalom can best meet the needs of St. Thomas, we are encouraging those who are able to give tzedekah donations HERE making sure to note the occasion as St. Thomas or write a check to Temple Shalom with St. Thomas in the memo. We will collect donations over the next several weeks. Based on the amount we receive and the feasibility of shipping generators, we will either ship generators on behalf of Temple Shalom, make a monetary contribution to the congregation on behalf of Temple Shalom to disburse the money based on emerging needs, or a combination thereof.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Rabbi Feshbach, Julie, Talia, and the members of the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas. Through this effort, we hope to provide them with some support to carry them forward over the next few months.

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