Haggadot for the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas

Thanks to your generosity, our community raised $4,995.00 for hurricane relief on behalf of the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas (HCST), to purchase generators and support HCST in meeting its most critical needs in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The second effort to which we committed is to replace 81 damaged Passover haggadot so that the HCST can celebrate Passover deliverance next month. CCAR Press gave us a generous subsidy on the haggadot; with shipping to the U.S. Virgin Islands, each haggadah costs about $25.

As we approach Purim, we have the opportunity to engage in one of the holiday’s five mitzvot: matanot levyonim, gifts to those in need. Amidst the celebrations, hamantaschen, listening to the Megillah being read, carnival, and dressing in costume, it is time for us to also focus our attention on the Jewish community whose celebrations may still not be quite as joyous due to the devastation.

We ask that your household underwrite one or more books if you are able, but any amount would be most appreciated.

To donate, please click the link below or send a check to Temple Shalom with haggadot in the memo line.

To Donate Online Click HERE.

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