A New Home for a Refugee Family

Thanks to everyone at Temple Shalom who is helping to set up the new home for an Afghani refugee family. Most of the Afghani families currently being admitted to the US are in danger of retribution because they assisted the US military.

If you volunteered to provide specific items, please bring those items to the Temple Shalom office before Friday, Feb. 2. We will set up their apartment on Sunday and Monday. The family, with four-year-old and eight-month-old sons, is expected to arrive on February 7. Please bring welcome cards or posters to the Temple Shalom office too.

The estimated cost of moving donated furniture into the apartment is $800. Monetary donations can be made by mailing or bringing a check to Temple Shalom. Please make the check payable to Temple Shalom, noting "Tikkun Olam" in the memo field.

Thank you for your generosity!

If you have any questions, please contact
Sara Nathan sonathan06@yahoo.com or Sherry Doggett sherry.doggett@outlook.com

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