Think of the irony. We've been getting calls, emails, inquiries from Israel. They want to know... if we're OK.

Are we OK? I am not sure. On this morning of Rosh Hashanah, we remain in the midst of shock and sadness, of terror and tragedy. But in one small, sardonic way, in trying to find the right words to respond to the world around us, I am grateful. I want to express my appreciation, my thanks, my gratitude to Jerry Falwell. And Pat Robertson. For opening their mouths. And saving my sermon.

You know, I had written this... theological reflection about the way the universe works. In it I tried —I will try —to share with you that I don't think things happen for a reason. It's a common claim, you've heard it—maybe you've even used it. "Oh, everything happens for a reason." But I don't believe it. And I wanted to tell you why.

But after last Tuesday... I don't know. For a moment the words sounded hollow. Because Tuesday... it's not like it was some earthquake or something. It wasn't a natural occurrence. It did happen for a reason. And the reason was evil.

So into the recycle bin went the sermon. But onto the talk shows went Falwell. And here it is, back from the abyss, a message I believe is actually important. An opportunity to disagree with every breath in my body... with the Reverends Falwell and Robertson.

Did you hear what they said? It was... horrendous. Some of you told me about it. It was so bad that I have to confess I just didn't believe you, until I saw the words themselves.

Listen to this... this theological chutzpah!