March 20, 2017

Dear Temple Shalom Family,

On behalf of Temple Shalom leadership, I am very pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2017, Rabbi John Franken will join Temple Shalom as our Senior Rabbi for a one-year transitional term. During this period, the congregation will search for a permanent rabbi.
Rabbi Franken is no stranger to the Washington, DC area, having practiced law in Washington upon graduating from University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore in 1994. After practicing law for several years, both in the private and public sectors, Rabbi Franken felt the call to become a rabbi. He graduated from Hebrew Union College and was ordained in 2003. He also holds a certificate in Jewish Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Rabbi Franken has served as an interim rabbi in two positions, most recently at Bolton Street Synagogue in Baltimore, where he subsequently was hired as the senior rabbi. He has also served in rabbinical positions at congregations in St. Louis, MO, Brookline, MA, and Stamford, CT.

This short message cannot possibly do justice to the many accomplishments Rabbi Franken has to his credit or the hard work of the rabbinic search committee. More information about Rabbi Franken and what you can expect in the coming months will be shared before Pesach in our next Leadership Update newsletter.

I want to warmly welcome Rabbi Franken to our temple family and sincerely express my gratitude to the search committee members whose time, diligence, and dedication discovered and helped bring about this sacred and exciting new chapter for Temple Shalom. The search committee members are: Dana Bederson, Susan Blankenheimer, Liz Dayan, Sherry Doggett, Betsy Kingery, Scott Kravetz, Heidi Lovett, Toby Lowe, Cindy Schwartz, Michael Schwartz, Marty Shargel, Janice Simsohn Shaw, and co-chairs Leslie Rubin and
Stefanie Weldon.

Linda Gurevich