Cantor Lisa Levine conducts the Shir Shalom Choir, Soulful Shabbat Ruach Band, Ruach Teen Choir and Band and the TSY Youth Choir along with "Kids Lead" under the direction of Tony Small and the Wilson Senior High School Choir under the direction of Lori Williams in Temple Shalom's annual MLK service

Rehearsal Videos
Cantor Lisa Levine leading rehearsal for Martin Luther King Junior Commemoration Shabbat at Temple Shalom with Temple Shalom youth choir, Temple Shalom teen choir, Temple Shalom Shir Shalom (adult choir), Temple Shalom Shabbat Ruach Band, Boys and Girls Club Kids Lead led by Tony Small, and Wilson Senior High Choir led by Lori Williams.

Reaching for Peace by Lisa Levine

Behold How Good by Lisa Levine

Halleli by Noam Katz