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Temple Shalom
A Reform Jewish Congregation
Chevy Chase, Maryland
Music that makes community: that is our goal
We are moved by the spirit of song at Temple Shalom, where music is central to our worship, our study and our community. From religious school classes, to adult learning, from Friday Evening services to Saturday minyanim, B'nai Mitzvot, concert programming and life cycle events, Jewish music brings us together to sing, pray and celebrate as a community.

Led by Cantor Lisa Levine, Temple Shalom congregants are enthusiastically introduced to the full range of the Jewish musical experience, from traditional to contemporary, folk to choral, tot to adult. New melodies are taught quickly, and all are encouraged to participate in raising their voices in song — as well as learning to chant Torah for a special honor at services.

Musical shabbat services throughout the year — with participating bands and other ensembles; youth, teen, adult and guest choirs; and artists-in-residence – provide opportunities to experience innovative styles of worship or reconnect with tradition.

Shabbat Ruach ('Spirit Sabbath'), for example is a high-energy musical service featuring the new Temple Shalom worship band and Shir Shalom adult choir four times a year. The first Shabbat Ruach will be celebrated Friday, November 14, 2008. Visit the home page or online calendar for future dates of these special not-to-be missed worship experiences.

Some of the new music being introduced to our services was written by Cantor Levine herself, one of the leading composers of contemporary Jewish liturgical music in the entire North American Reform Jewish movement.

'One of the reasons that I write music is to fill a need in worship to create musical styles that speak emotionally to my congregation,' says Cantor Levine. 'When I attend other worship services, especially the Bethel African Methodist Evangelical Church in Baltimore, I am amazed at the energy and the fervency of their singing and worship style.'

That musical tradition has inspired Cantor Levine’s creation of a musical style she calls 'Jospel' — or Jewish gospel — characterized by repetition, easy to sing melodies, improvisation, clapping and, above all, participation.

Shir Shalom (Adult Choir)
Open to anyone who loves to sing, our Shir Shalom adult choir participates in our special Music Shabbat services the third Friday of every month. Music includes a wide range of styles from folk to Sephardic, from Chassidic to Classical Reform. No prior musical experience is necessary, but you must love to sing!

We invite and encourage you to join us every Wednesday evening for an enjoyable and uplifting 90 minutes of practice from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.

Temple Shalom Youth Choir (TSY Choir)
Also under the direction of Cantor Lisa Levine, the TSY Choir participates in Family Services the first Friday of every month at 7:00 p.m. as well as singing in programs around the community. TSY Choir is open to all students in grades 2 through 6 and rehearses from 10:45-11:15 a.m. every Sunday that religious school is in session.

Cantor Levine began her career more than 20 years ago working with youth choirs as a student and has been creating, training, writing music for and loving her work with kids ever since. If your child has an interest in music or singing, sign them up for TSY Choir!

Soulful Shabbat Ruach CD
Buy your own copy of our very own Soulful Shabbat Ruach CD: Contemporary Band Service for Friday Evening Worship. Proceeds go to Temple Shalom music programs.

Martin Luther King Commemoration Shabbat videos

Cantor Lisa Levine conducts the Shir Shalom Choir, Soulful Shabbat Ruach Band, Ruach Teen Choir and Band and the TSY Youth Choir along with "Kids Lead" under the direction of Tony Small and the Wilson Senior High School Choir under the direction of Lori Williams in Temple Shalom's annual MLK service

Rehearsal Videos
Cantor Lisa Levine leading rehearsal for Martin Luther King Junior Commemoration Shabbat at Temple Shalom with Temple Shalom youth choir, Temple Shalom teen choir, Temple Shalom Shir Shalom (adult choir), Temple Shalom Shabbat Ruach Band, Boys and Girls Club Kids Lead led by Tony Small, and Wilson Senior High Choir led by Lori Williams.

Reaching for Peace by Lisa Levine

Behold How Good by Lisa Levine

Halleli by Noam Katz

Friday Night and Saturday Morning Service Melodies
Regional Reform Jewish Youth Choir Festival
The Temple Shalom Youth Chorus (TSY) put on a wonderful effort in this March 2009 event. Watch three of our songs here:

Youtube: Youth Shall See Visions
Youtube: Yad 'b yad

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