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Temple Shalom
A Reform Jewish Congregation
Chevy Chase, Maryland
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Temple Shalom offers a comprehensive selection of courses focusing on the needs of our congregants. Programs throughout the year, often open to the community, explore both the "how-to" and "why" of Jewish life, the basic building blocks of holidays and customs and the insights, struggles and historic circumstances that gave birth and give power to the rites and rituals of the Jewish people.

Kehillat Shalom
Treasures from a Rabbinic Library
Adult Hebrew and Yiddish Classes 2016-17
Sukkat Shalom - Reading List
Sukkat Shalom – A Safe Place for Conversations about Israel
Sukkat Shalom conversations about Israel aim to bring an understanding of different viewpoints – the goal is to discuss topics openly without a need to come to a consensus. We recognize support for Israel takes many different forms and understand that many struggle with what supporting Israel means. To listen with care is an act of love. So is the ability to speak what is on our minds and share what is in our hearts. Let’s create something special together A shared conversation…. whether we agree on our outlooks and our answers, and especially if we do not.

Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious?

Temple Shalom’s version of the Union for Reform Judaism’s free three-week course

Explorations: An Introduction to Judaism

First Things First: A Sacred Exploration of
the First Letter, First Word and First Sentence of the Torah

How to Read the Bible:
A Mediation between Traditional Assumptions And Modern Scholarship

An Introduction to Talmud, Midrash,
Medieval Biblical Commentary, Codes and Kabbalah

Why Read the Bible?
As it happened: Biblical History;
The Parting of the Ways: Judaism and Christianity
You Were There: The Bible As it Has Been Used I (Introduction to Midrash)
You Were There: The Bible as it Has Been Used II (Medieval Biblical Commentary)
Standing At Sinai: The Torah as a Source of Law and Life
(Why I am A Spiritual Jew).

As the Torah Turns:
A psycho-social introduction to the Torah portion of the week using the insights of Chasidic spirituality

Lunch with the Prophets: The Books of Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel
(A year-long close-reading of each book)

Reading the Writings: Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs),
Ruth, Lamentations and Ecclesiastes (approximately four months each)

Reading the Writings: The Books of Daniel and Esther (forthcoming)

Visions of the End of the World:
The Development of Apocalyptic and Eschatological Thought In Late Prophetic and Early Post-Biblical Writings

The Transformative Power of Biblical Interpretation to Shape the Lives of Later Generations:

An exploration of the origin of the Midrashic process from inner-Biblical textually to the use of Scriptural texts by post-Biblical writers.

The Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin

Our Neighbors, Ourselves: A Jewish View on the New Testament

Beyond the Bible:
Ten Important Works of Jewish Literature
Which You Might Not Know That Much About
The Palestinian/Jerusalem Talmud;
Saadia Gaon, The Book of Beliefs and Opinions;
Bachya Ibn Pakuda, Duties of the Heart;
Yehuda HaLevi, Kuzari;
Sefer HaChasidim;
Sefer HaChinuch;
Gersonides, The Wars of the Lord;
Hasdai Crescas: Light of the Lord
Joseph Albo, Ikkarim;
Moshe Chaim Luzatto, The Path of the Just

Visions of the Beyond: Messianism, Mysticism, Tales of the Supernatural, and Life After Death

An Introduction to Jewish Spirituality: The Basis of the Blessings, The Structure of the Service and Finding Your Own Spiritual Voice

Reform Judaism: Platforms and Prayerbooks

Current Issues Forum:
Judaism and Sexuality (abortion, birth control and homosexuality);
Judaism and the World (the real state of antisemitism);
Judaism and Intermarriage; Judaism and the Environment;
Judaism and the Jews (Explorations in Jewish Identity)

Judaism and the East: An introduction to Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism

Israel 101: People and Politics, Land and Culture
History and Historiography: An Introduction to Biblical Israel; Israel and Zionism; Parties and Politics; Unity and Diversity in Israeli Society;
Sights and Sounds: Music, Culture and Food

Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship using a curriculum prepared by the Shalom Hartman Institute

The Life and Legacy of Rabbi David Hartman (z”l)