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Temple Shalom Religious School Happenings!
Temple Shalom offers an exceptional and comprehensive program of Reform Jewish education, taught by a creative and dynamic faculty who are dedicated to creating a warm, rich and in-depth Jewish experience for all our children and adults.

Our Temple Shalom Religious School Mission captures the depth of commitment that our school has to Judaism as it is reflected in the Talmudic passage, “On three things the world stands, Torah (study), Avodah (worship and service), and G’milut Chasadim (deads of loving kindness).

Want to know more about our Religious School? Send an email to
CHAI School Program for Grades 8 and 9
Take a Look at Our CHAI School Program for 8th and 9th Graders!

CHAI School will never be the same! Choose Option 1, our traditional Sunday evening program of study, or from six other Options for our 8th and 9th grade students.
Sunday Evening 6:00-8:00. Core classes and electives on Sunday Evening.

OZRIM - Student aide program in our Sunday morning Religious School. Work in our classrooms as a Ozer, helping our students and teachers. Available Early and Late Session on Sunday.

CHOIR OR BAND - Join our Choir or Band under the direction of Cantor Lisa Levine.

JYPI - Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute prepares students to be the future philanthropists of the world. For information go to Scholarships are available.

TIKKUN OLAM - Please email the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) For this program we will be setting up an individual schedule for you.
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Our Youth Group, TaSTY
What is TaSTY?
TaSTY is an acronym for Temple Shalom Temple Youth.

Who can go?
TaSTY Senior is grades 8-12, TaSTY Junior is grades 6-8. 8th graders get to attend both!
To be a member, your TaSTY dues must be paid yearly. Click here for a form with more information about your dues and how to pay them.

What do they do?

TaSTY is a TYG, or Temple Youth Group. We have a Senior Board that designs educational, social, and tikkun olam (social action) programming for the entire school year. Please keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming events in the school announcement emails and the calendar.
We are also affiliated with NFTY, or the North American Federation of Temple Youth in the Mid-Atlantic Region, also called NFTY-MAR. There are several overnight conferences we attend as a group in the area and it's a fantastic way to stay connected with friends from camp, or to make new ones.

How do I sign up for a NFTY-MAR program?
Registration for all NFTY-MAR events is online. Click on NFTY-MAR. The username and password are available from Pamela Wilcox at or Rabbi Ackerman at or 301-587-2273.
Partners in Jewish Education
The Temple Shalom Religious School strives to create a vibrant Jewish environment for our families as we partner in their Jewish journey of life-long education. We are proud to be creating new and innovative ways to reach out to our students and parents.

The Religious School Beit Din
We are excited to have our students take a decision-making role in our school by creating our tzedakah programs for the year. The Beit Din was originally a Rabbinic Court, established in ancient times, that decided questions of religious law and appointed judges. Our Beit Din, "House of Judgement", is a program for students enrolled at Temple Shalom from kindergarten through the 5th grade.

Today, we are invoking the power of the Beit Din to seek out social justice. "Justice, justice you shall pursue", (Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof), from parsha Shoftim, demands that we take the reins in forming a more just society. Our group provides the opportunity for young people to decide what we can do to change the social injustices we see in our own community, as well as in the world at large.

The participants themselves decide what type of organizations they will help by examining traditional Jewish values found in Pirkei Avot, or Ethics of the Fathers. Topics will be discussed at one meeting fillowed by a field trip to volunteer as the next meeting and alternating with advertising and implementing tzedakah collections within our Temple community. Pamela Wilcox is our 2015-16 Chief Justice and can be reached at Most meetings will be held from 11:40am to 12:15pm in classroom 2 following religious school. The Chief Justice will announce special meeting places, dates and times.
Click here for a list of Beit Din meeting dates.
Click here to sign-up for Beit Din.

Temple Shalom Youth Choir!
Meet new friends and prepare for our Family Worship Services and other programs with Cantor Lisa Levine. Our TSY Choir meets from 10:45-11:15 on Sunday during school. Students in grades 2-7, bring your love of music and join us each Sunday. For information call the religious school office or Cantor Levine at 301.587.2273.

Teacher of Torah, Leaders of Prayer
Our Religious school helps children prepare for Life Cycle events like your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

The Web Is An Amazing Jewish Place!
As you surf the web, you may find the following sights along your web Jewish journey.

Visit Davka Corporation. Leaders in Judaic software. Fun activities for all ages.

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For Children of All Ages
Our school begins with classes and activities appropriate for students as young as pre-school age. As students approach the age of 13, we guide their families through a bar or bat mitzvah experience that is rewarding, meaningful and family focused. Students continue to learn and participate in the Temple community through our 8th and 9th grade chai school and 10th grade confirmation programs. Many of our oldest teens remain involved and complete our post-confirmation program.

We also offer many educational opportunities for parents, including grade specific family education activities, Torah study, book discussion groups, and holiday programs.

Through a wide variety of participatory activities, such as youth group events, retreats, musical programs and holiday celebrations, we foster a strong sense of community, especially among our students and their families. Some of these include:

  • Age-Appropriate Worship Services – including monthly Tot Shabbat and Friday Night Family Services led by each grade in our religious school with the musical accompaniment of the Temple Shalom Youth Choir.
  • Youth Group Activities – with events such as our chocolate seder and holiday parties for younger children, and bowling and social events for teens.
  • Holiday Celebrations – such as our annual neighborhood sukkah buildings, Purim spiel reading of Megillat Esther (with a costume parade), and Women’s Passover Seder.
  • Community Outreach – including Social Concerns Shabbat Services, Mitzvah Day activities, cooking for S.O.M.E. and working at Shepherd’s Table, and participation in other special community events.