TaSTYKids Ice Skating Outing at Ice Arena at Veteran’s Plaza

Date: September 3, 2017

Sun, Feb 11 2018

TaSTYKids Ice Skating Outing at Ice Arena at Veteran's Plaza


FEBRUARY 11 | 12PM – 2PM | Ice Arena in DTSS

RSVP at: http://evite.me/ttfkgw8C2R

Please bring your 2nd-5th grader and meet us at the ice rink. Families and siblings are welcome to join. This will be a very low key social event where we recommend you BYO lunch and meet us at the rink!  We will supply the hot chocolate!

THERE IS NO TRANSPORTATION FOR THIS EVENT AND EACH CHILD MUST HAVE AN ADULT PRESENT. But feel free to team up, one parent can watch multiple kids!

THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST FOR THIS EVENT: All families will purchase their own tickets and skate rentals as needed, and there is no cost outside of that. For pricing and location information please visit: http://www.silverspringiceskating.com/


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