Book Club

Our Temple Shalom Book Club is back for its 18th year! Join Janice Zalen and Stu Bassin for lively discussions of quality books. Sessions are on Sunday mornings -- discussion with bagels and coffee. Free and usually quite interesting. Join us.

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Selections for 2017-2018 Book Club Discussions

  • All Who Go Do Not Return
    Sun, Dec 03 2017

    by Shulem Deen
    Dec. 3, 9:30 am
    Temple Shalom Religious School

    all-wh-goNational Jewish Book Award Winner
    The author is a devoted member of an isolated Hasid community who begins to explore the world beyond the community. When the community’s leaders learn of his heretical interests, his place in his family, his happy home, his faith, and the only world he has ever known are threatened. How will he (and the community) reconcile the norms of the community with the author’s interests?



  • Denial
    Sun, Jan 21 2018

    by Deborah Lipstadt
    Jan. 21, 5:30 pm
    Temple Shalom Social Hall

    Book and a Movie Event with Chai School
    denialWhen the author, an American university professor, challenges the work of a “Holocaust denier,” she is sued for libel in the British courts. Combining high-profile courtroom drama with the author’s efforts to debunk the claims that the Holocaust is a myth, the story represents a challenge to the author and the historical record by the purveyors of “alternative facts.” The story has been retold as a movie, which we will screen in conjunction with our discussion.



  • 1177 BC—The Year Civilization Collapsed
    Sun, Mar 11 2018

    by Eric Cline
    March 11, 9:30 am
    Temple Shalom Social Hall

    Book and Author Talk Event
    1177Widely praised history written by a Temple Shalom member. Professor Cline tells the gripping story of the decline of Egypt at the end of the Bronze Age through invasion, revolt, earthquakes, drought, and the cutting of international trade routes. Bringing to life the vibrant world of ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations, he draws a sweeping panorama of the empires and their dramatic collapse, which led to a dark age that lasted centuries. Professor Cline will discuss his book with the group.



  • The Far Side of the Sky
    Sun, May 06 2018

    by Daniel Kalla
    May 6, 9:30 am
    Temple Shalom Religious School

    far-sideHistorical fiction about a Viennese surgeon who escapes Austria soon after Kristellnacht and resettles with other Jewish refugees in war-time Shanghai. The book focuses upon the conflicts between the established Jewish community and the refugees, between the Chinese natives and the Japanese invaders, between the German anti-semites and their Japanese allies, and within disparate elements of Chinese society. The challenges to survival in a war-time environment and an unlikely love story form the backdrop to this engrossing tale.