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Adult Education Committee

Chair: Jill Greenstein

Contact Jill at for information about Adult Education or to become involved in this committee.


ARZA Committee

Chair: Joan Kalin
ARZA, the Zionist organization of the Reform Movement in the United States, works in partnership with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and the Israel Movement for Reform/Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) and their affiliates. Also ARZA represent United States Reform Jews in national and international Zionist organizations. This committee promotes and advocates for a Jewish, pluralistic and democratic society in the state of Israel, links the people and institutions of the Reform Movements in the United States and Israel and helps ensure that a connection with Israel is a fundamental part of Jewish identity and a belief in Jewish peoplehood - K'lal Yisrael.

Contact Joan at to for information about ARZA or to become involved in this committee.


Capital Projects Committee

Chair: Marilyn Ripin
The Capital Projects Committee is responsible for major improvements and changes to the Temple building.

Contact Marilyn at with questions about the Temple’s capital priorities.


Chavurah Committee

Chair: Richard Meyers
The purpose of the Chavurah Committee is to assist in forming new Chavurot, to help existing Chavurot find new members, and to coordinate Temple Shalom Chavurot activities.

Contact Rick at or any of our clergy to learn about Chavurot and help expand our connections beyond our Temple walls.


Finance Committee

Chairs: Marc Feinberg & Kenneth Kramer
To develop and maintain an investment policy for the Bruce E. Kahn Endowment Fund, the Temple Shalom Special Purpose Funds, the Operating Reserve Fund and the Capital Reserve Fund, and to invest and monitor the investments in these funds.  To serve as an advisory panel to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors on financially related matters.

Contact Mark at or Kenneth at with any questions about the Temple’s investments.


Financial Future Committee

Chair: Cindy Schwartz
The Financial Future Committee (Fund and Fun Raising) coordinates all fundraising efforts at Temple Shalom to ensure the Temple's strong financial future.  The committee works to help build the ruach (community spirit) that leads to giving.

Contact Cindy at to discuss giving opportunities and to help with the mitzvoth of helping raise needed funds for our community.


Founders Committee

Chair: Jean Beeman
The Founders Committee helps ensure a strong connection of our present and future to the past.

Contact Jean at to learn about our Founders and Temple history.


House and Grounds Committee

Chair: Mike Gurevich
This committee identifies repairs and improvements needed for the building.  We prioritize based on funds available and immediacy of a problem.  If necessary, we contract to have repairs made and follow up as needed.

Contact Mike at with questions about House & Grounds and Capital projects and to volunteer to help keep our Jewish home in great shape.


Prospective Membership Committee

Chairs: Toby Lowe & Jenna Landy
The Prospective Membership Committee works to invite new and prospective members to the Temple Shalom family.  

Please email Toby Lowe and Jenna Landy, the Chairs of our Prospective Membership Committee, to get involved at

Member Engagement Committee

Chair: Carol Jimenez
The Member Engagement Committee works to engage new and long-time members so they can feel welcome and enjoy all the benefits of congregational life.  

Please email Carol Jimenez, Chair of our Member Engagement Committee, to get involved at



Music Committee

Chair: Debra Gutman
The music committee is a vibrant and creative group who meets regularly to discuss musical concert and worship programming, create the music budget of Temple Shalom as well as supporting the Cantor at events throughout the year. If you are passionate about Jewish music and outreach through programming this committee is for you!

Contact Debra at or Cantor Lisa Levine to become involved in the Temple’s musical traditions.


Religious Education Committee

Chair: Peter Howard
The REC supports Associate Rabbi Rachel Ackerman in enhancing our vibrant Religious and Hebrew education for our children.  From the Purim Carnival to coordinating class parents to helping with administrative work and so much more, the REC helps ensure a strong Jewish identity for our youth.

Contact Peter at to become involved in the REC.


Special Purpose Funds Committee

Chair: Mark Ross
Temple Shalom currently has twelve special purpose funds that were established to enhance the Temple’s offerings both at the synagogue itself and in activities that benefit its congregants and the community at large. These Special Funds’ purposes include, but are not limited to: Scholarships for religious and leadership training, programs in Israel and summer youth camp, Purchase of books for the Temple library, Scholar-in-residence programs, Temple Shalom’s madrachim program, Purchase of prayer books, Music programming and Shir Shalom activities, Speakers for Temple events, Congregants in need of assistance to meet religious school obligations and Temple Shalom’s Torah Study Program.

Contact Mark at with questions about the Special Purpose Funds.


Tikkun Olam Committee

Chairs: Sara Nathan and Betsy Kingery
Temple Shalom is committed to social action and the Jewish value of repairing the world. Check out some opportunities to help with Tikkun Olam.

Contact Sara Nathan and Betsy Kingery at to help repair the world.


Worship Committee

Chairs: Marty Shargel
The Worship Committee works with our clergy to offer lay views on the ways we pray, including how to organize Temple services - when they are offered, to whom they are targeted, what kind of prayer books we use, etc.

Contact Marty Shargel at with questions or to become involved.


Youth Committee

Chair: Mindy Schuster
The Youth Committee supports the work of the Temple Youth Director, TaSTY (Temple Shalom Youth Group) and TaSTY Kids in promoting a Jewish social community and environment for Temple kids and teens.

Contact Mindy at to become involved in this committee.