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7th Grade Update 10-8

Dear 7th grade families, In class this week, we began discussing how stereotypes and prejudice can lead to antisemitism. We watched part of the 1992 classic movie School Ties starring Brendan Fraser, Chris O’Donnell, a pre-Good Will Hunting Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and many other young actors of the 1990s. The movie portrays the institutional antisemitism in the…
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3rd Grade Temple Shalom Note-10-8-17

Hello 3rd Grade Families. The 3rd Grade class this week studied the holiday of Simchat Torah. We learned about Simchat Torah which is the holiday that celebrates the completion of reading the Torah and starting the torah a new. We started the class, by making orgami Torahs. The students did an awesome job with them.…
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Sunday Update

Dear Parents, We have gotten off to a great start in Sunday School this year.  The class worked hard this week to write out class Brit(contract). The class worked together to come up with 4 norms that we will work to accomplish together in the class.  Together they came up with... Use common sense Do not…
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First Grade Weekly Email

Dear First Grade Families, It was wonderful to spend time with all the families who joined us for the Sukkah Building last Sunday! Thanks so much to the Maturana Family for hosting and giving us all the opportunity to perform two important mitzvot--building a sukkah and dwelling in a sukkah--for Sukkot! Your children will have…
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Mitkadem/Hebrew School Update

Dear Parents, Chag Sameach and Shabat Shalom. We had a busy, productive and fun afternoon at Hebrew School this week. We began our afternoon in the classroom. For our warm-up activity, we worked on reading names of cities around the world in Hebrew. The list included such names as London, Mexico City, Havana, Haifa, Philadelphia, Denver, New…
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Weekly Chai School Email

Dear Chai School Families, Thank you so much to Pam Lotke and Alex Cronin for hosting the sukkah building last week.  The two sukkot we decorated dazzled with colored cellophane while the paper chains and swirling lanterns decorated the insides.  After a discussion about ushpizin, guests in the sukkah, we read about some refugees and…
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Kids’ Time 10-8

Dear Families: Happy Sukkot.  Hope you are using the nice weather to get outside to a sukkah somewhere.  We will visit the Temple's sukkah on Sunday.  If you have any Sukkot related materials that you wish to share in class Sunday would be a great time to do it. We will make our own Torah…
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Tuesday Mitkadem Weekly Update

Good Morning! I hope you all had a meaningful Yom Kippur.  With the holidays, I didn't get an email sent out last week, but now that we are in the swing of things, you should (hopefully) get one each week. Because of scheduling this week, we had two students from the Wednesday class in our…
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School Email 5778 — October 4, 2017

One does not keep children from school even to build the Temple. ~~ Talmud, Tractate Shabbat Rabbi Rachel's Message I hope you all had a meaningful Yom Kippur. Sukkot begins tonight and we hope that you will join us for services at 6:30 pm followed by a 7 pm BYO dinner in the sukkah.  OUR FIRST…
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