Calling All Good Ideas: Help Max Help Temple Shalom!

Max Taylor, a member of the Confirmation Class and an aspiring Eagle Scout, wants his project to benefit the people of Temple Shalom. He's therefore looking for your ideas. The winning one will win a $50 gift card. Please submit a detailed description of your idea to by December 15, 2017.

There are many types of projects. Examples include making birdhouses for an arboretum, conducting bicycle safety rodeos, constructing park picnic tables or benches, upgrading hiking trails, planting trees, running a blood drive, constructing a playground, building bat houses for a local park, refurbishing a room at a synagogue, planting grass for erosion control, organizing a dinner, and collecting necessities for the homeless..  What is most important is the impact or benefit the project will provide to Temple Shalom. The project must be something a group with perhaps limited skills can accomplish under Max's leadership.

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