Pre-K Sunday


Today, we learned about Kiddush cups and saying the Kiddush on Friday nights. We learned that we drink wine/grape juice out of a Kiddush cup which is a special cup that is meant to look different in honor of Shabbat and we usually start Shabbat with the blessing over the wine.  We watched Shalom Sesame with Grover learning about Shabbat. We also listened to the Kiddush being said. We had music and library today as well as snack and break. After, we made our own Kiddush cups.

This is the clip to the Shalom Sesame that we watched if you would like to watch with your child:

This is the Kiddush. It starts at 2:18 (she starts off with Shalom Aleichem if you'd like to listen to that as well). The children found it funny that she was not using a Kiddush cup but a mug.

Reminder: there is no regular class next Sunday. Instead, it is Tikkun Olam day! This serves as school for all classes, morning and evening. There will be incredible programming including a session with Congressman Jamie Raskin, music, story programs, youth theater programs, programs on unconscious biases, conversations for adults, classes on how to write an effective op-ed, etc. While the program is free, we are asking folks to RSVP so that we enough materials and bagels for all. The RSVP link is here:

On 11/19, the pre-k class and kindergarten class will be joining together to learn about and make challah bread. The children had a lot of fun last year making challah so we'd like to be able to do it again this year.  We are asking for parent volunteers who would be willing to help out since it will be a huge group. If you are able to volunteer and help out in the class on 11/19, please let me know!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Have a great week!



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