Temple Shalom Kindergarten Scoop Week of 10/22

Shalom everyone!

Here are some highlights from this past Sunday:

  • Tefilah (prayer) with Cantor Lisa in the sanctuary
  • Rikud (Israeli dance) with Ms. Missy
  • Question of the day in terms of the middah (value) of Shmirat Haguf (literally means guardian of the body): How do you take care of yourself? We then added a small mirror to our mitzvah capes to see ourselves and remember to care for ourselves.
  • We learned about B'tzelem Elohim, that we are created in God's Image. We read parts of God's Paintbrush, and then created ourselves as God sees us. There was paint, colored pencils, markers, pipe cleaners, play-dough, paper, paper plates, etc. as materials.

Quotes explaining our creations (we talked about how God wasn't a he or she because God isn't a person, but God was often referred to as he in explanations):

  • Ewan-This is a rainbow over God. I think he sees me in blue because I saw he was blue so he must see in blue and see different shades of blue.
  • Mia-Like normally, I'm making Easter Island. (she was on the island in her creation)
  • Lucas-In a costume, I'm doing my best. I think God has eyes. I think God is in our body and God is medium sized and in our heart.
  • Jacob-This is hard. I think he sees us as tiny balls because I think God is far away from us.
  • Nina-I think God is tiny. I think God can still see us and feel us even if he's far away from us. He's magic.
  • Laura-I think God sees us with his eyes. He sees us little because he's a giant.
  • Kyra-God sees us when we're outside when we're down and not up in the air, because...well in the air too.
  • Nathan-God sees nature-rainbow, tree, butterfly, things on trees. God sees me in rainbow colors.
  • Ellie-God sees me with dyed hair.
  • Max-These are my nostrils (3 of them) and these are my nose (2 of them), and a mouth.
  • Nora-I made two trees.


Link to photos:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2m8I2owpIB-Y1ZKS1kwbWlBbE0


B'shalom and see you Sunday,


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