Mitkadem/Hebrew School Update

Dear Parents,

Chag Sameach and Shabat Shalom. We had a busy, productive and fun afternoon at Hebrew School this week. We began our afternoon in the classroom. For our warm-up activity, we worked on reading names of cities around the world in Hebrew. The list included such names as London, Mexico City, Havana, Haifa, Philadelphia, Denver, New York and several others. After the warm-up, we played Jewpardy to review common Mitkadem words, and then spent the rest of the class time working on our Mitkadem curriculum. Students are beginning to make good progress, and it is my hope that they are reading their Rama prayer for ten minutes three times a week to reinforce the fluency.

After class, we joined Rabbi Ackerman, Rabbi Franken and Cantor Lisa for Sukkot service and pizza under the stars in the sukkah 🙂

Please remember that there's special class time for Simchat Torah (5-8 pm)Students who need to be dropped off early can be dropped off early. We know and understand that not all students can stay the entire time. We invite them to join us when they can. Please also email to let them know how many pieces of pizza you want. Also, parents/guardians are encouraged to join us for services and dinner. We know that there are students who will not be able to attend this in its entirety. Families and students can attend whatever part they are able to attend.

As always, feel free to be in touch.


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