Mitkadem update

We had a fun and productive afternoon at Hebrew School. We began the afternoon in Tefilah where the October and November Bnai Mitzvah led us in a recitation of Birkot haShachar (morning blessings) in preparation for leading their services.  When back in the classroom, we began with a warm up. Students had a list of the seven days of the week in Hebrew.  In Hebrew, days of the week are named according to their ordinal number. For example, Sunday is called Yom Rishon (day first) and Monday is Yom Sheni (Day Second). Shabbat or Yom Shabat is the last one on the list. Since students already know the word Yom from their MItkadem curriculum, they know the word Shabbat, and they had the translation for the word Rishon (first), they were able to figure out the meaning for the rest of the weekdays. Students had lots of fun with this warm up!

After warm-up, we worked on our Mitkadem curriculums. All students completed at least one grammar and/or vocabulary related activity today. We also enjoyed a ten-minute hafsakah (break) and spent the rest of the afternoon working on Mitkadem.

Please remember that in order to maintain prayer fluency, students should spend at least ten minutes a day, three times a week, practicing their Ramah prayer. Students were given a xeroxed copy of their Ramah prayer on the first day of class. I will be happy to make another copy, if necessary :). The audio for the prayers can be found at


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