Weekly Chai School Email

Dear Chai School Families,

Thank you so much to Pam Lotke and Alex Cronin for hosting the sukkah building last week.  The two sukkot we decorated dazzled with colored cellophane while the paper chains and swirling lanterns decorated the insides.  After a discussion about ushpizin, guests in the sukkah, we read about some refugees and talked about the need to open our country to those in need.  We even wrote letters to our congressmen.  Thanks to all for the delicious brunch, as well!

This Sunday we will begin our regular programming.  We will begin with grade level specific classes and then after snack we will move into chugim, chosen activities.  The activities will be available to sign up on a first come first served basis so if you want your first choice, please arrive on time.

We look forward to seeing the students on Sunday evening,

Rabbi Rachel, Roberta, Xani, and Garrett

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