7th Grade Update 9/24

Dear 7th Grade families,

This week in our class we spent some more time getting to know each other and what is important to us and our identities.  We each created an advertising campaign slogan of our identities and then presented them to the group. It was interesting to see which famous slogans many of us used to help inspire our campaigns. It was also noteworthy what some of us brought in to our identities, and what aspects we left off. Our Jewish Identities are front and center as we examine the history of Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Many of us feel both closer and alienated from Judaism by this difficult subject. We are determined to help the students navigate their complicated feelings about these difficult topics.

The other aspect of our class yesterday focused on introducing us to the concepts of stereotyping and prejudice (prejudicial behavior). We spent some time teasing out the difference between them and how one feeds into the other.

One good resource to understand how stereotyping and prejudice leads to more nefarious actions is this resource below from the Shoah foundation.


You can watch the short video clips and then see how they fit on the pyramid and discuss as a family.

Sunday we had an upper school conversation about Kavod (Respect) and creating a Kehila Kedosha (a holy community.) As our subject matter is so difficult and hard to process, and emotional it is extremely important that all students and teachers feel emotionally safe and able to be vulnerable and honest about how they are feeling. Please have a conversation with your student about fostering community in the classroom.

Switching Gears a bit, this Sunday we will be creating and decorating a Sukkah at the home of Family Education coordinator, Carrie Wasserberg. Our Sukkah experience will be this Sunday from 10am-12pm at 9818 Cherry Tree Lane, Silver Spring 20901. This is a scheduled activity for 7th grade we look forward to seeing you there!

Please use this Google Sign-up link to sign up for something to bring to the Sukkah activity. (hyper link is being strange…please cut and paste link into your browser!)


Thanks for sharing them with us,

Lisa and Naomi

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