Sunday Update

Dear Parents,

We have gotten off to a great start in Sunday School this year.  The class worked hard this week to write out class Brit(contract). The class worked together to come up with 4 norms that we will work to accomplish together in the class.  Together they came up with...

  1. Use common sense
  2. Do not create chaos
  3. Be Respectful/Golden Rule
  4. Have fun

This year to help us keep a great learning environment I will be handing out cards to the students if their is a specific norm they are not following.  We will then have a discussion about the card either break or after class. If this continues to be a pattern we will then have a conversation with a parent.  I am hoping not to use this much this year but I wanted to let you know our plan ahead of time.

I want to thank our lovely hosts for having such a nice Sukkah Building last week.  We really enjoyed the beautiful Sukkahs at Pam Lotke and Alex Cronin house.  It was great to have a discussion with all of the students and parents about ways we can help refugees and ways we can think of them as guests and our sukkahs.

Tonight the students were able to engage in some great discussions.  We began the class with a review of what the Tanach is.  The students were reminded about learning about the Torah last year and that this year we will be focusing on the prophets. I have asked them to please bring their Tanach they received last year in with them.  They can choose to bring them back and forth but I recommended they leave them here for now.

We then began our study of our first prophet. The students did a great job participating in a bibliodrama about Jonah. In the bibliodrama they acted out the story of Jonah but we stopped often through it for discussions. Most of these discussions were me asking them questions about how they would feel as the character. They were engaged in this and I saw a lot of participation.

In the final part of class we looked at the Al Chet prayer that is said on Yom Kippor. In this prayer we ask for forgiveness for many sins in very broad terms. I asked the students to brain storm a list of things they felt 6th graders could need to repent for.  Below is the list of things they came up with.  This would be a great thing to discuss with your child at home.

  • Being rude and disrespectful
  • Unresponsive use of internet and social media
  • For attacking someone
  • Harassment
  • Vandalising
  • Being rude
  • Smoking
  • Theft
  • Joining a gang
  • Arson
  • Lying
  • Bomb threats
  • Food fights
  • Flipping someone off
  • Not doing you homework or not knowing what your homework is
  • Taking the easy way out
  • Cheating/copying
  • Bullying
  • Drugs


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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