4th Grade Sunday School with Barbara Miller 10/8/17

Dear Parents,


Please let me know that you have received and read this email. I want to make sure everyone is receiving my weekly emails. Thanks so much!

We met in the sanctuary again this morning for kehillah led by Rabbi Rachel and Emily.

In class we continued to play a few rounds of our getting to know you game. We then went to the sukkah and everyone who wanted to shook the lulav. Back in class we began our first unit of our curriculum on birth. We discussed the ceremony of Simchat Bat and Brit Milah. Next week, Dr Siegel will be joining us. He is a Temple member, doctor, and a reform mohel. He will be discussing the brit milah ceremony and taking questions from our fourth graders.  Dr. Siegel will also be part of the adult program later that morning.

Lastly, I told the students about the one and only homework assignment that I will be giving them this year. It is our Family Map Project. This project has two components. Please read carefully.

The first part is the creative map. Each child will receive a poster board from me. I am not giving too many requirements except that the poster must be creative, colorful (no pencil), include many photos, include dates and Hebrew names, and go back at least two generations. If pets are considered members of your family then please include them, too.

The second component is the family story. I have not really explained this to the class and plan to do so next week. I only ask that they share a story that they don't already know. I also recommend that the story be written down. Both the map and the story are due November 19.  Parent assistance with both parts is going to be necessary with this project. Our maps will be on display in our classroom and returned to the students at the end of the year.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Shavuah Tov,


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