First Grade Weekly Email-10/29

Dear First Grade Families,

I apologize that this email is going out so late.

Last week there were so many new things! We had our first Tefilah services with Cantor Lisa. This is a special time for learning and experiencing prayers in our sanctuary. Our class will participate in Tefilah once a month throughout the school year. We also moved to Room 8, where we can all spread out and be a little more comfortable in our classroom. We enjoyed having morning meeting and music on the new Noah's Ark rug in our new classroom! And we were also joined by a new assistant teacher, Hillel Schwartz (more about him soon)!

During morning meeting, we talked about the idea of using our class tzedakah money (which we collect each week throughout the year) to "Adopt a Species" at the zoo. After discussing the reasons we would need and want to protect the animals in our world, we counted the voting ballots the students had filled out while we were at the zoo. So that everyone could participate in the vote, even if he or she had not been present for the voting at the zoo, we voted again by show of hand for the top three animals. And the winner is: Red Panda!

Miss Emily joined us for music with songs about Creation, Noah, the Tower of Babel, as well as a fun Hebrew colors song. During snack we worked on our name tag necklaces, which we will begin wearing regularly so we can all learn each other's names. At recess, a lot of us played in the Gaga pit, while others found quieter activities or stayed in the classroom with Hillel finishing up name tags. Back in the classroom, we examined a miniature torah, a tanakh, an illustrated children's bible and two different picture books that told the story of creation. We talked about the different ways that we read and use all of these books during worship and to learn and think about things. We started to look at one of the picture books "And God Created Squash," which had some very interesting illustrations depicting G-d and the days of creation.

This week, we will refer back to those illustrations in the picture book as a jumping off place for creating our own creation watercolors. We'll also start learning about parts of the sanctuary. And, your students will be very happy to learn, we will finally have Israeli Dance with Ms. Missy again! You will drop off in the sanctuary as usual for Kehilah, and then parents will come to Room 8 for pick-up. Hillel or I will open the door when class is finished, and we ask parents (or siblings, if that's what we have arranged) to come inside to get their children.

Next week is not a regular religious school day, but is Tikkun Olam Day from 9:30-noon at the Temple for ALL ages and classes, including parents! This serves as school for all classes, morning and evening. There will be incredible programming including a session with Congressman Jamie Raskin, music, story programs, youth theater programs, programs on unconscious biases, conversations for adults, classes on how to write an effective op-ed, etc. While the program is free, we are asking folks to RSVP so that we enough materials and bagels for all. The RSVP link is here:



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