Committee Member Bios

Liz Dayan
Liz and her husband, Jonathan Rains, have been members of Temple Shalom for 15 years, with one child entering confirmation and one just completing post-confirmation. She has served on the Religious Education Committee, Tikkun Olam committee, chaired events including the Purim Carnival, and served on the Interim Rabbi Search committee. She currently serves as the Director of Compensation, Benefits and Worklife for the Federal Aviation Administration’s 46,000 employees and has over 25 years experience in Human Resources, including senior management roles at five Fortune 500 companies (Washington Post, Fannie Mae, Coventry Healthcare, Pepco and ManorCare) and non-profits.

Sherry Doggett
Sherry and her husband David have been members of Temple Shalom for three years. Sherry and David have been active since they joined - attending services and Torah study, facilitating discussions and coordinating group activities for Sukkat Shalom – A Safe Place for Conversations about Israel, and serving on the Renaissance Steering Committee, volunteering in the Temple office, and now leading the Refugee Direct Assistance Committee. Sherry has most recently served as a member of the Temple Futures Committee and the Interim Rabbi Search Committee and was just elected to the Temple Board of Trustees. Now retired from a career in the healthcare industry, Sherry finds it a great joy to serve and, more importantly, to make so many new friends and be a part of our Temple Shalom “family.”

Anne Feinberg
Anne and her husband, Marc, have been members for 32 years. Anne’s presence has been felt in all realms of the congregation over the years. Among many other things, she has served on the Board of Trustees and as President, and she has served on past search committees for senior rabbi and for the education director. Anne works with B’nai Mitzvah students as a Madricha and is an active participant in the Saturday morning Torah study. Anne is also a member of the Circle of Leadership. Anne is excited to be a part of this search committee and will be an important source of institutional memory for the group.

Jill Greenstein
Jill has belonged to Temple Shalom since 2014. She is part of the Madrichim Program, teaches the Kids' Time program on Sunday mornings, and is the chair of the Adult Education Committee. She is a retired educator who feels that helping to bring candidates for rabbi to the Temple will be an investment in the future of our congregation's youth as well as the general health of our caring community.

Scott Kravetz
Scott has been a member of Temple Shalom for over 30 years, has been on the religious school faculty for 37 years, and a madrich for 30 years. He has served as Secretary of the Temple’s Board of Trustees and served on the search committees for our current Interim Rabbi and the Director of Education and Rabbi/Educator positions as well as the Financial Task Force, Futures Committee, and information gathering committees for clergy performance.

Lisa Krim
Lisa and her husband, Andy Schwartz, and their children have been members of Temple Shalom for twelve years. Lisa has been a member of the Board of Trustees for four years, served on the Youth Committee and as a Religious School Room Parent, led the committee that created our youth High Holy Day services, and was a member of the search committee that brought Rabbi Ackerman to Temple Shalom. Lisa currently does faculty relations at Georgetown University, has extensive experience as an employment lawyer advising on hiring and personnel matters, and is an executive leadership coach. As co-chair of the Rabbi Search Committee, Lisa is committed to leading the search in a spirit of community, and finding the senior rabbi who will join us in shaping Temple Shalom’s future.

Alan Lewis
Alan and his wife, Judy, have been Temple members since 1993. During the 24 years, he has served on a variety of committees and working groups, was a co-president of the Brotherhood, and served four years as an elected officer of the congregation: one year as a Vice-President and three as the Financial Secretary. He sees his role on the Selection Committee as representing the viewpoint of older members and members whose earlier religious experience was from outside the Reform Movement. He is an Army Veteran, has a professional background in public television, and is a retired employee of the U.S. National Archives.

Heidi Lovett
Heidi, her husband Randall Luttenberg, and sons Isaac and David have been members of Temple Shalom for 4 years. Heidi helped initiate the Sukkat Shalom program, volunteers with the Refugee Response Team, is a member of Sisterhood, participated on the Interim Rabbi Search Committee, and was a recipient of the 2017 Circle of Leadership Award. By day, she works as a policy analyst for the NOAA Fisheries Service.

Toby Lowe
Toby and her husband, Adam, joined Temple Shalom in 2014 and have enjoyed getting involved in the community. Toby and Adam welcomed their son, Maxwell, in June. Toby grew up in a Reform congregation in upstate New York and was active in youth group during high school and Hillel during college. Since joining Temple Shalom, Toby has been a member of the Futures Committee and the Interim Rabbi Search Committee and has taken several adult education classes. Toby is a biomedical engineer at the FDA.

Andrea (Andy) Mark
This Spring Andy completed her 40th year of teaching Religious School at Temple Shalom! Along with working with the amazing students and families, Andy has been an active member of the Temple Shalom community, serving on several committees during her many years of membership, including Religious Education, Membership, Religious Services, and several search committees. Andy has held leadership positions in Sisterhood and on the Board, serving as Secretary, Vice-President, and Executive Vice-President. She served as the President of Temple Shalom from 2006-2008.

Megan Parker
Megan joined Temple Shalom in 2013 with the gift of membership, and has never looked back. In the four years since, Temple Shalom has become the centerpiece of her family’s life. You will see her at most of the events and services for young families with her husband, Austin and two kids, Ginny (4) and Shai (1). Megan has always been deeply entrenched in Jewish life - participating actively in her synagogue growing up and being a part of the leadership of the Reform Chavurah at Brandeis University. Megan also loves Jewish music. She taught herself to play guitar in order to sing Jewish music as much as possible and has taught music in many different synagogues over the years. She continues to serve as a songleader whenever she can. Megan is excited to help Temple Shalom find a new spiritual leader who will represent all aspects of our wonderfully diverse and welcoming community.

Leslie Rubin
Leslie, her husband, Mike, and sons Alex and Luke have been temple members for 15 years. Leslie has been the Membership Chair for eight years and a Trustee of the Board for seven. Leslie was also a member of the committee that created Kids’ Time. In a past life, Leslie ran the office of a small reform congregation in Bloomington, Indiana, which cemented the importance of belonging to a Jewish community. Currently, she is a policy analyst for the Montgomery County Council and combined with her work in Bloomington, Leslie believes that a local Jewish community can provide a refuge for people in all parts and stages of their life. As co-chair of the Committee with Lisa Krim, Leslie is committed to finding a supportive and collaborative leader for Temple Shalom as we approach our 7th decade as a congregation.

Michael Schwartz
Michael has been a member of Temple Shalom for over 30 years. His two sons were in our religious school through Confirmation and post-confirmation. He has regularly attended our Shabbat morning service and Torah study for over 20 years. Michael has found this to be a most rewarding and important part of spiritual life at Temple Shalom. He also finds great rewards in serving as a Madrich for our B'nai Mitzvah program. Most recently, he was a member of the search committee for our Interim Rabbi, which provided an excellent experience to draw upon as we search for our permanent senior rabbi. Michael hopes to contribute to the overall search committee efforts to secure an exceptional spiritual leader and teacher for our congregation.

Janice Simsohn Shaw
Janice and her husband, Gordie, joined Temple Shalom this past year. Janice helped lead a little kids’ chavurah in Takoma Park for many years and decided to affiliate with a synagogue as her kids (now 8 and 5) got older. Janice grew up in the Reform movement and spent a good part of her career in positions in the Jewish Community - teaching religious school while in college, helping to run a Jewish retreat center in the Berkshires, serving as one of the first staff members of a nonprofit that promotes sustainable communities in the Jewish world, and serving as program director for a synagogue. In the “secular world,” Janice has spent the last decade working on the grantmaking side of philanthropy, running leadership programs for foundation executive directors and younger, "next gen" philanthropists, and now, working as a private consultant with both grantmakers and other progressive non-profits.

Earl Simons
Earl and his wife, Francine, have been members of Temple Shalom for the past 45 years. Earl served four terms on the Temple’s Board of Trustees and has held key positions held during his time at the Temple, including: Chair – Youth Activities Committee; Financial Secretary; Administrator, Special Purpose Funds; Liaison, Temple Religious School and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum; and Seventh Grade Educator. Earl is also a member of the Temple’s Circle of Leadership. Earl and Francine reside in Rockville, Maryland, have four children (three daughters and one son) and 12 beautiful grandchildren. Prior to his retirement (December 1997), Earl was a Housing Demographic Analyst and Program Manager at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Stacey Wahrman
Stacey has been a member of Temple Shalom for five years along with her husband, Paul Egendorf. Often referred to as the "chef" of the temple, she is an enthusiastic member of the fundraising committee, frequent volunteer, and is a member of the Circle of Leadership. Stacey is an English teacher at John F. Kennedy High School.